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The Bulgarian Association for the Medicines Parallel Trade Development proposes extraordinary import of medicines to be encouraged by law.

“With the growing number of new COVID-19 infections there are more and more signals of a shortage of drugs on the market. Therefore, we propose legal changes to ease the strictly regulated import of drugs, especially in the conditions of crisis, said Boryana Marinkova, executive director of the association to bTV.

The organization runs a platform for alerts for missing drugs on its website. In the last week, every second signal in the platform is for a deficiency of low molecular weight heparin, azithromycin and drugs related to the treatment of COVID-19.

“In recent weeks, we have witnessed logistical problems. With the help of the whole sector, the missing substances have found a solution, “Boryana Marinkova told BTV.

She clarified that 27% of the signals in their platform are related to a temporary problem of imports, and 19% are suspended imports. The organization is proposing a package of changes in the laws to overcome these problems. We propose that in a crisis the Minister of Health should allow extraordinary imports of medicines, Marinkova said. She also stated that Bulgaria should stick to solidarity and the fundamental EU principles in order to ease free movement of goods to avoid shortages despite raising barriers. “No restriction could provide stocks, it can only cause raising barriers against our country”, BAMPTD stated.