Besta Med Forest

Besta Med Forest - We Grow Together!

For us at Besta Med, caring for the environment is a priority, a mission, and a goal. That is why we are actively working towards its protection and the formation of a responsible attitude in us, the people, to bequeath to future generations a cleaner and more preserved world. Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our understanding of the meaning of the functioning of economic entities. We want and succeed in being active and interested, because we are aware that we are responsible to future generations for the protection of the environment and the relations between us.

That is why in 2013 we created the Forest of Besta Med. This is not a campaign; this is not a one-time action. This is part of our mission, which we are consistently fulfilling. We are glad to meet the support of our team members, as well as the municipalities and our partners, with whose help we create a forest that grows with us and stays after us.

Besta Med Forest - Locations