Social Responsibility

Besta Med Forest - We grow together!

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental part of our understanding of the functioning of economic subjects meaning. We want and succeed to be active and interested because we are aware of our responsibility for the coming generations, especially with regard to the protection of the environment and the relations between us.

That’s why in 2013 we created Besta Med Forest. This is not a campaign, it is not a one-time action. This is part of our mission, which we consistently fulfill. We are glad that we meet the support of both our team members and the municipalities and our partners, with whom we create a forest that grows with us and will be here to grow.

Besta Med Forest is becoming bigger and bigger every year. So far our team planted more than 600 trees all over Bulgaria:

Eversince its founding, Besta Med has adopted the fundamental principle socially responsible business can help making a better world for all of us. A world full of sustainable relationship on the solid foundation of ethics and values.

Our company is consistent in its social responsibility. We at Besta Med continuously defend our public commitment as a socially responsible and environmentally aware company that builds on with the idea of sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and the creation of high-quality culture through initiatives at national and local level.

For us it is of paramount importance our customers, our local community, our suppliers and partners to share our values and work taking care of the society and the environment.