170 trees were planted by BestaMed team in Sandansky on October, 10th, 2020

 For 8 consecutive years, the team of BestaMed planted a new forest, and this year the choice of the pharmaceutical company is the town of Sandanski – one of the most affected regions of wood smuggling in the recent years. The afforestation took place on the symbolic date 10.10.2020, and the place was the park Sveti Vrach in the city.

The initiative is in fulfillment of the cause of BestaMed under the motto “BestaMed Forest – We Grow Together”, which is held every year from 2013 until now. The planting of trees is an eloquent proof of the company’s mission for sustainable development, protection of natural resources and creation of a highly ethical culture through initiatives at national and local level.

“Even challenging times and unprecedented twists and turns should not deviate from our direction, namely to build a more sustainable and favorable living environment for all of us,” said Milena Ivanova – CEO of BestaMed, adding that “now it is important more to always create a new life that will grow with us and stay with us.”

With the new afforestation, BestaMed Forest has reached 670 trees. The initiative of the pharmaceutical company covers the entire territory of the country. Over the years, the team of BestaMed made afforestation in Borovets in 2013, in Tryavna in 2014, in Stara Zagora in 2015, in Sofia in 2016, in Bourgas in 2017, in Plovdiv in 2018 and in Veliko Tarnovo in 2019.