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BestaMed donated 1020 packs of hydroxychloroquixin

Фармацевтичната компания БестаМед дари 1020 опаковки хидроксихлорохин на Министерство на здравеопазването за борбата с COVID-19

1020 packs of hydroxychloroquine 100 mg x 100 tablets provided BestaMed to the Ministry of Health to support the fight against coronavirus nationwide.

The decision for the donation was made in the expression of full support to the activities of the state, health authorities and the National Operational Headquarters in combating with the pandemic situation. The donation is at the amount of BGN 37,615.

The pro bono act for providing more than 100,000 tablets of hydroxychloroquine 100 mg is for the purpose of providing the hospitals on the territory of the country, which are designated for treatment of patients with COVID-19.

The act of donation envisages the drug to be administered entirely by decision and expert estimation of the Ministry of Health for the supply of hospitals nationwide.

“As a socially responsible company, BestaMed joins the general efforts of doctors, medical teams, pharmacists and medical institutions in the fight against the new infection. The primary value for the company and our mission is care for the health and life of the people and the society. Our environment is our priority and we are always treating it with care and attention. This acquires special importance and becomes our cause in the situation of a complicated epidemic situation and the spread of COVID-19”, Milena Ivanova, CEO of BestaMed says.

A month ago, BestaMed donated tests, materials and funds at the total amount of BGN 12,000 to the municipal hospital in the city of Tryavna to help the first-line medical teams in the Balkan town.