The unique for Bulgaria corporate all-around event took place in Sandanski from 1st to 3rd of July, 2022

65 team members joined this year Besta Challenge. They competed with passion, enthusiasm and a desire to win. Apart from the demonstrated sportsmanship, participants and audience had a hearty time.
The city of Sandanski was chosen as the venue of the competition. The participants fought for the championship in 7 different disciplines – individual and team ones. Rivals’ speed and skills were judged in the categories of running, shooting, swimming, power disciplines, relay races, tug-of-war and card tournaments.
“The Besta Challenge embodies our values. It was held for the first time exactly a year ago. The initiative is expected with great interest and impatience by the company’s employees. For the second year in a row, the team showed us that sports and fair play are an integral part of the company’s high corporate culture. The participants gave their all, challenged their own strength and finished the competition tired, but truly satisfied, full of positive emotions and smiles”, emphasized Milena Ivanova – manager of Besta Med.
The winners’ history of this year’s challenge is 37 medals for individual participants and 10 cups for teams.
The Besta Challenge aims to stimulate employees to include sports in their everyday life in order to be healthy and maintain their active and well-being lifestyle as long as possible. This initiative complements and builds on the company’s vision of corporate social responsibility. Besta Med Forest and Besta Academy are the other two aimed to protect nature and the formation of a responsible attitude in us, the people. The point is to build sustainable values that make each person a meaningful, valuable and beneficial member of the society we live in.

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