BestaMed is the partner you can trust

Trust is all

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Ice Power Cold Gel

Rapid pain relief

Ice Power cooling products are the proper first aid
for pain and Injuries. Ice Power speeds up the recovery process.

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BestaMed is the healthcare partner,
you can trust

Ice Power Hot Warm Gel

Rapid pain relief

Proper care peripheral blood circulation
disturbances, pain with non-inflammatory nature, tension and rheumatic pain.

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Effective distribution of medicines
and medical devices in Bulgaria

Eskimo Brainsharp

Supports brain function and energy level

Food supplement with an innovative and natural approach
to maintaining the brain function and body energy level.

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Parallel import of medicinal products
for the benefit of the patients and our partners in Bulgaria

Eskimo – 3 with vitamin E

Stabilized fish oil with natural vitamin E

Unique sustainable fish oil developed by Swedish
researchers of eskimos nutritional habits.

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Strategic marketing solutions
for increasing the sales of our partners

Eskimo kids 105 ml

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for kids

Unique food supplement of natural fish oil, natural coleseed oil with vitamins D and E.

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Embedded System
for Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

Eskimo - 3 Kids Chewable

Omega-3 fatty acids for kids

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We have a sustainable
and motivating environment
for our team and partners

Aulin 100mg

Acute pain treatment

Non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine for acute pain,
menstrual pain relief and pain syndrome treatment.

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People are our most valuable asset

Nimesil 100mg

Acute pain treatment

Non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine for acute pain,
menstrual pain relief and pain syndrome treatment.

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BestaMed is socially responsible company and contributes
to the protection of nature and business environment

Dexofen 25mg

Moderate pain treatment

Non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine for mild
to moderate pain treatment - muscle pain, painful menstruation and toothache.

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BestaMed Forest

we are responsible for our common future!

This year, we are proud that above 40 trees had been planted
in the Sofia Seminary St. Ivan Rilski. The campaign has been organized with the kind support
of the Rector of Sofia Seminary St. Ivan Rilski.

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Concor 5mg

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We grow together

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Concor 10mg

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Detralex 500mg

Swollen and tired legs pain relief

Veintonic and vasoprotector for venous-vascular disorders
and acute hemorrhoidal crises symptomatic treatment.

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Diclofenac Duo 75mg

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Lopedium 2mg

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Phlebodia 600mg

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Smecta 3g

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We build a sustainable and motivating environment
for our partners and team

Parallel distribution

BestaMed is a parallel distributor of original medicines, medical devices and food supplements with proven and verified origin.


Our expertise is broad and covers strategic distribution solutions for medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements.


We advise and create tailored solutions to maximally quickly and efficiently achieve the marketing and business goals of our partners.


Modern logistics center in Sofia and a fleet of 28 vehicles, 6 of which with temperature control systems.

Social responsibility

Our customers, our local community, our suppliers and partners share our values and work with the care of society and the environment. That is of paramount importance to us.


Reporting forms for adverse drug reactions


BetstaMed is a licensed wholesaler and Marketing Authorization Holder for parallel import. We are a Certified Partner that meets the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and successfully undergoes the Quality Management Audit processes by TUV and RINA. We are an Organization with a Quality Management System certified by RINA under ISO 9001: 2015.

BestaMed is certified for Good Distribution Practice (GDP) after an audit by TUV for EAEPC on March 13, 2018

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BestmaMed is ISO 9001: 2015 certified by RINA as an Organization with Quality Management System 

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BestaMed is an officially licensed by BDA as a wholesaler of medicinal products and medical devices.

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425 Tzarigradsko shose blvd.
building 1 (Gates 43-44)
1137 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359.2.421.0829; +359.2.442.6262

Membership & Partners

Who we collaborate with in social benefit


The Bulgarian Association for Medicine Parallel Trade Development (BAMPTD )is an organization representing companies with a mission to ensure the access of Bulgarian patients to quality and effective medicinal products on time and in full volume.


The European Association of Euro-pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC) is a non-profit organization in Brussels, which unites the licensed European pharmaceutical parallel distribution industry, supporting the achievements of the industry and the benefits of its products.


The Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organization is a non-profit organization to support the implementation in Bulgaria of Directive 2011/62 / EU on the prevention of the entry of counterfeit medicines into the legal supply chain.