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The role of parallel distributors in the verification process is very important and is in favor of patients

BestaMed’s experience was presented as a member of BAMPTD in media training on the forthcoming introduction of the largest public-private project in the EU

The role of parallel distributors in the verification process is very important and is in favor of patients. This was announced by Hristofor Ivanov, Chairman of the BAMPTD Management Board, who participated in a media training dedicated to the forthcoming enforcement of the largest public-private project in the EU. When repackaging medicinal products, parallel distributors verify not only the code of the package but also verify and confirm that the content matches the written on it, emphasized Ivanov. He briefed journalists on the statutory procedure for adapting packaging and leaflets to patients in parallel distribution, which is an additional guarantee for the safety and authenticity of medicinal products.

BAMPTD is a co-founder of the Bulgarian Drug Verification Organization – a group of all participants in the drug supply chain for the prevention and fight against counterfeiting of medicines. The introduction of a system for the verification of medicinal products throughout Europe is a key measure to ensure patient safety by preventing the entry of falsified medicinal products into the legal supply chain. BestaMed is one of the members of BAMPTD who has successfully implemented the verification system and successfully passed all the tests.

Falsified medicines are a growing threat worldwide. To keep them out of the legal distribution chain the pharmaceutical sector has joined forces in developing a verification system that will be able to check whether medicinal products are genuine. The system is intended to comply with the EU’s new requirements for preventing falsified medicinal products and to ensure that patients have authentic medicines.

More information can be found here.


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