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The process of serialization and verification has been successfully implemented by BestaMed


BestaMed’s future is bright, as it professionally implements an extremely complex technological process

Derek Colman

Irish Medicines Verification Organization Board Member

Managing Director

Quick Pharm Solutions


Derek is currently the Managing Director of Quick Pharm Solutions who are providers of software and hardware solutions for the European Falsified Medicines Directive.  Derek and his team designed EasyFMD as a solution that would enable Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals and Wholesalers to efficiently decommission products from their NMVO.  The team also developed a bespoke conveyor belt system to enable hospitals and wholesalers to decommission large quantities with minimum impact of staffing levels and budgets. Quick Pharm Solutions has successfully delivered solutions at retail pharmacy and wholesale level across Ireland and as far reaching as Bulgaria.

Derek’s background in quite diverse ranging from his early career as a Pharmacy Technician, then moving to the work in the HSE and from there to General Manager in PCO Manufacturing for almost 20 years. Derek is currently the board member representing the Parallel distribution sector with the Irish Medicines Verification Organization where he has sat on the board since its formation. Derek was also co-author in 2 GDP audits at European sites on behalf of the EAEPC.

Is the serialization implementation process in BestaMed finished?

The Falsified Medicines Directive is highly complex project and for Parallel Distributors the complexity is even greater, as they need to capture the incoming ‘originator’ barcodes to start their production process. Over the last numbers of months Quick Pharm Solutions have worked closely with BestaMed to ensure that this entire process is smooth and the timelines we set in place were achieved. The final part of the hardware installation was our inkjet printing conveyor system and the commissioning of our Direct Connect Manager software. This was all completed on the 16th November.

How many companies should contact the EMVO HUB and how many are connected at the moment?

As of today 21st November, there are 351 of 2,500 now connected. Companies should onboard with  EMVO via

What the serialization of BestaMed provides as an additional safety and quality?

Now that BestaMed have achieved serialization, pharmacists and patients can now be assured that BestaMed serialized medicines are of the highest quality and meet the all aspects of the Falsified Medicines Directive.

Please, share more about the innovation and technology in that process?

As BestaMed is both a manufacturer and a wholesaler, they need to connect to different systems. As a wholesaler BestaMed needs to connect to the BGMVO National Hub and as a manufacturer to the European Hub. Using our EasyFMD software connecting to the BGMVO National Hub allows BestaMed preform all activities that are required as a wholesaler. Using our Direct Connect Manager software connecting to the European Hub (EMVO) allows BestaMed preform all activities that are required as a Parallel Distributor. Both software programs work with Quick Pharm Solutions bespoke conveyor systems which allow high speed capture of incoming packs and separately inkjet printing of the 2D barcodes.

How do you assess the implementation process and BestaMed’s team eagerness and competences?

From that start of this project the team in BestaMed has embraced all the challenges that a project of this size entails. There is a vast amount of new information and procedures that need to be understood and then put in place. At all stages the collaboration and teamwork between our 2 companies allowed us to accomplish our goals and meet our deadlines.

Are there any further steps for improvement?

The next step in the process for BestaMed is to finish there internal testing and documentation, then they will preform that necessary EMVO tests to move into the ‘Live’ EMVO environment.

What is your general estimation of the collaboration process?

It has been a pleasure to work with the entire team in BestaMed on this project, their positive ‘go forward’ approach made the entire process a pleasure to be involved in.I know that the future is bright for the company with a very big challenge completed.

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