“Besta Med” Ltd. has signed a distribution contract for the products Ice Power from the Finnish company Fysioline Oy, Pharma for the territory of Bulgaria.

Ice Power – Rapid relief of pain:
In the muscles – quickly and efficiently relieves pain and inflammation
In the joints – quickly relieves different joint problems and supports joint mobility
∙ in sports – excellent relief before and after physical exercises
… for everyday usage!

6. Новини

In early September 2015, the Finnish Action Association provided the “Finnish Key Flag Symbol” to Ice Power products. It is a great honor to get the “Finnish Key Flag Symbol” as it proves the origin of the products. Finland is known worldwide with its high quality standards in product manufacturing. The “Finnish Key Flag Symbol” can only be supplied to a product manufactured in Finland. The scale of costs of local origin is calculated for each product. The extent of local costs is the percentage of Finnish cost to the total cost. This calculation is based on raw materials, packaging materials, marketing and financing costs. The minimum requirement for products is that the cost of local origin is above 50%. Typically, the level of costs of local origin of products with “Finnish Key Flag Symbol” is over 80%.

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