Sixth consecutive year the pharmaceutical company team plants a forest to fulfill its mission of social responsibility.

65 deciduous and coniferous trees planted the team of the pharmaceutical company BestaMed in Plovdiv on October 13, 2018. The initiative is part of the project “BestaMed Forest – We grow together”, which is implemented every year since 2013. The mayor of Plovdiv South region, Borislav Inchev, was present and actively involved in the afforestation.

65 trees were planted in “Iztochna Roumelia” Park and around the children’s playground at “Dimitar Talev” Str.

Since 2013, BestaMed Forest has reached 400 trees throughout the country – Borovets, Tryavna, Stara Zagora, Sofia, Bourgas and Plovdiv. The afforestation project is part of the company’s mission of sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and creation of high-quality culture through initiatives at national and local level.

“Afforestation is a responsibility because every newly planted tree is a new beginning, the beginning of a new life that we must take care of. We believe that thus we create a more sustainable living environment for all of us, “said Milena Ivanova, manager of BestaMed.

“We are glad that we have the support of our employees as well as the municipalities and our partners, with whom we create a forest that grows with us and is here to stay after us. We have chosen South Region, because it is one of the largest residential areas in Plovdiv with many new playgrounds and we are sure that our initiative will provide an even more favorable residential environment”, added Ivanova.

The mayor of the region, in turn, expressed his gratitude that the initiative was held in Plovdiv in the South region namely and that he and his team had the opportunity to participate in the planting.

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