110 trees were planted by BestaMed team in the old capital city

For 7 years the team of the pharmaceutical company has been planting groves in different cities in Bulgaria. Following its mission of social responsibility, BestaMed carried out another afforestation project this time in Veliko Turnovo. On October 12, 2019, the entire pharmaceutical company team was in the old capital city and planted 110 deciduous trees.

The initiative is implementation of “BestaMed Forest – We Grow Together” project, which is being executed every year from 2013 until now.

“We strive to create a more sustainable living environment for all of us. This is how we express our understanding of contribution to society, environment, our country. In afforestation, we are working together to create a new life that will grow with us and is to stay after us”

– says Milena Ivanova, BestaMed’ Manager.

BestaMed Forest becomes bigger and bigger and the afforestation has been conducted throughout the country – Borovets 2013, Tryavna 2014, Stara Zagora 2015, Sofia 2016, Bourgas 2017, Plovdiv 2018 and Veliko Tarnovo 2019. Tree planting is an expression of the company’s mission for sustainable development, safeguarding natural resources and creating a highly ethical culture through national and local initiatives.

The trees were planted in Druzhba Park, which is one of the preferred places in the city for recreation and active rest. During the warm days, children and adults visit the playgrounds and the adventure park with a rope garden, and in the winter an ice rink is built in it.

2020 BestaMed  Forest is coming next year. “We plan to include BestaMed Forest team and our colleagues children in order to create a culture and attitude in their environment. Above all, let us begin to develop in them the understanding that the well-being, the beautiful and the healthy environment are result of the efforts made by each of us”, said Milena Ivanova in advance.

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