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Besta Team participated in the ‘Tryavna Ultra’ marathon, which took place on July 15th.

The event ‘Tryavna Ultra’ was successfully held for the eighth consecutive year and brought together enthusiasts from 27 countries who competed in a total of 5 distances. The marathon, known for its beautiful mountainous terrain, attracted over 1000 participants. The Besta Team also joined the competition, with Alexander Vankov and Marieta Nikolova taking part in the 21 km marathon distance and ranking among the top 100 out of 500 participants in the discipline.

Both participants, Alexander and Marieta, have sentimental feelings towards Tryavna, as it is the place where Besta Med company started its journey in 2012. They gladly shared their impressions from the ‘Tryavna Ultra’ marathon. Their participation in this large-scale international sports event filled them with strong adrenaline and happiness.

Marieta enthusiastically shared: “Tryavna is a city that I really love, and when I learned that a mountain race was being organized there, I knew I had to go. Mass running gives me a huge dose of adrenaline, making me feel incredible. My loved ones who came to support me and were waiting for me at the finish line were my strongest motivator to complete the marathon. I felt like a winner, as I exceeded my own expectations.”

Alexander shared his experience: “I have always wanted to participate in such a competition because of the challenge it presents. We started at 7 a.m. with temperatures above 28°C, and the day’s forecasts were between 30°C to 35°C. The heat and the sun were challenging, and every effort was definitely worth it. It was an exceptional experience. The emotions and satisfaction are irreplaceable. I don’t think someone who hasn’t experienced them could understand them from someone else’s story.”

After the successful ‘Tryavna Ultra’ event, the organizers are eagerly looking forward to the next competition and promise an even greater and more exciting experience for all participants and running enthusiasts.”