10 km of road running around the Pancharevo Lake. 6 runners from the now experienced marathon team of Besta Med. Top places both in women’s and men’s categories. Lots of positive emotions, many new friends.

This is how we can summarize the participation of our Besta Team in the increasingly popular Pancharevo Marathon. We chose to race on the road along the picturesque “Sofia Sea” and once again we showed high spirit and motivation to live up to our values – for a healthy, balanced and conscious way of life.

The competition took place on April 23 and our team was formed by Aleksandar Vankov, Angelina Pamukchieva, Daniel Petrov, Marieta Nikolova and Simona Kardzheva.

Most of our colleagues already have one or two competitions behind them and the accumulated experience is reflected in the improving results.

The total number of runners in our distance was close to 400 and we are very satisfied with our ranking among the first 100.

We would also like to thank our colleagues who came to support us. We would not have done it without you!