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“You always learn something new about yourself when you compete” – Nikolay Naydenov, Besta Med

Besta Challenge is the only corporate multi-sport event in Bulgaria and is held for the third consecutive year.

It involves Besta Med employees from all departments to compete in a variety of sporting (and not only sporting) disciplines during 3 days: running, swimming, push-ups, darts, table tennis, PlayStation, pairs cooking cold soup made of yogurt and cucumbers (tarator), volleyball, etc.

This year we decided to look beyond the statistics of medals and achievements in the different disciplines and ask colleagues about their impressions and emotions during the multi-sport event in Sandanski at the end of June.

We introduce Nikolay Naydenov, for whom this is the first Besta challenge. He started working in the Production Department in February 2023, and in June he is already at the starting line of the competition. Here’s what he shares:


Nikolai, did you expect that you would end up in a multi-sport event when you started working at Besta Med?

I had no idea what I was getting myself into 🙂 It turned out that Besta Med organized not just anything, but a big sports competition with many disciplines and a lot of emotions.


How was your performance?

I did well, after all I only had a few months to prepare from February when I joined until June when the competition was.


Which discipline did you enjoy the most?

The push-ups and the relay race. The PlayStation competition also impressed me because it’s not a typical Olympic discipline.


How did your friends react when you told them you were going to a multi-sport event?

They were very excited, they didn’t think I was going to do something like this when I joined the production of Besta Med.


Did you learn anything new about yourself during the competitions?

You can’t help but learn new things about yourself at places like this. We competed, we had fun, it definitely helped me learn more about myself and my colleagues.


Are you a sports person or are you yet to develop these habits?

I play sports regularly and it helped me perform well in the competitions despite the little preparation time I had.


What are your goals for the next competition?

Participation in more disciplines and even better results. Now I will know what I need to improve and what challenges await me.