Febuxostat tabl.
80 mg x 28 Zentiva

Febuxostat Zentiva tablets 80 mg x 28

Dosage form: 80 mg film-coated tablets

Active ingredient: febuxostat

Content of active ingredient: 80 mg febuxostat

Category: Prescription products – RX



What is Febuxostat Zentiva tablets 80 mg x 28 and what is it used for?

Febuxostat Zentiva tablets contain the active substance febuxostat and are used for the treatment of gout, which is associated with an excessive amount of a chemical substance called uric acid. In some people, uric acid can accumulate in the blood in an amount that may be too high to remain dissolved. When this happens, urate crystals can form in and around the joints and kidneys. These crystals can cause sudden intense pain, redness, warmth, and swelling of the joint (known as a gout attack). If not treated, larger deposits called tophi can form in and around the joints. Tophi can cause damage to the joints and bones.

Febuxostat Zentiva acts by reducing the concentration of uric acid. Maintaining a low concentration of uric acid by taking Febuxostat Zentiva once daily, every day, stops the formation of crystals and eventually reduces symptoms. Maintaining a sufficiently low concentration of uric acid for a long enough period may also reduce the size of tophi.

Febuxostat Zentiva is for adults.

How does Febuxostat Zentiva look and what does the packaging contain:

Febuxostat Zentiva 80 mg film-coated tablets are pale yellow, round, film-coated tablets with a diameter of approximately 11 mm, with a debossed marking ’80’ on one side.

Febuxostat Zentiva is packaged in transparent blister packs made of PVC/PVDC-aluminum.