Enylys tabl.
1 mg х 28

Dosage form: 1 mg film-coated tablets

Active ingredient: prucalopride

Content of active ingredient: 1 mg prucalopride

Category: Prescription products – RX


What is Enylys tablets 1 mg x 28 and what is it used for?

This medicine contains the active ingredient prucalopride.

Prucalopride belongs to a group of medicines called prokinetics (gastrointestinal prokinetics) that stimulate peristalsis. It acts on the muscular wall of the intestines, helping it restore normal bowel function. It is used for the treatment of chronic constipation in adults who do not respond adequately to laxatives.

What Enylys tablets 1 mg x 28 look like and what the packaging contains:

Enylys 1 mg film-coated tablets are white to almost white, round, film-coated tablets with a debossed “C” on one side and “11” on the other side, with an approximate diameter of 6 mm and a thickness of about 3.6 mm.

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