Besta Challenge is the only corporate multi-sport event in Bulgaria and is held for the third consecutive year.

It involves Besta Med employees from all departments to compete in a variety of sporting (and not only sporting) disciplines during 3 days: running, swimming, push-ups, darts, table tennis, PlayStation, pairs cooking cold soup made of yogurt and cucumbers (tarator), volleyball, etc.

This year we decided to look beyond the statistics of medals and achievements in the different disciplines and ask colleagues about their impressions and emotions during the multi-sport event in Sandanski at the end of June.

We introduce you to Angelina Pamukchieva – General Ranking winner. She is the first employee of our partner, who supports our cause and this is her third consecutive participation in Besta challenge.


What were your strongest disciplines?

My strongest disciplines are running and swimming, as I have been taking it more seriously with these sports for some time.


Which one made it difficult for you?

Without thinking too much, I would say it was the medical ball throw.

It was an extremely complex challenge. It requires endurance and strength, and the ability to not give up when you want to the most.


What times did you finish with and did you improve your own performance compared to last year?

The running distances were different this year and required different skills and preparation, so I couldn’t compare to last year’s performance.

This year I ran 1.2km in 5 mins and last year I ran 5km in 22 mins, but the two distances are completely different.

Luckily for me, I was able to upgrade and improve my swimming technique in order to improve on last year’s times. Swimming is a wonderful sport that I would recommend to anyone wondering where to get started with sport.


Did you exercise during the year between the two editions of Besta Challenge?

I did exercise. But not for the challenges or for any particular race. I exercise because it’s something that makes me happy, fills me with energy and gives me a positive start to the day.


When did you find time to prepare?

I have always preferred to wake up early and this has not been a problem for me. It’s the same with working out – I get up early, go for a run or swim, then do yoga and go to work.


For how long do you exercise actively?

Since I was a kid, I’ve been doing a lot of different sports. I’ve been through martial arts, group sports like basketball and volleyball, individual sports like table tennis. However, as time went on and lectures and going to work rotated, I had cut back drastically. I started playing sports again actively during Covid.


What would you say to your colleagues who are yet to get into this challenge, how to become like you?

To have fun from the heart! To challenge themselves every day, whether it’s sports or anything else.


What did your friends say when you came home with the medals from Sandanski?

Honestly they weren’t too surprised as they already knew about my performance last year and my motivation. They were definitely very happy about my results and the positive emotions from my stories.