The company fulfills its mission of providing patients with modern and affordable therapy

BestaMed supported the Tenth Scientific Meeting of the Association of Trainers and Researchers in Bulgaria on General Medicine (SOIBOM) “Patient’s Road to Cardiovascular Disease – Diagnostic, Communication and Therapeutic Challenge” – Module 1, which took place in Velingrad in the period 29 March 31st, 2019 and passed with a remarkable interest from general practitioners.

The Tenth Scientific Meeting of the Association of Trainers and Researchers in Bulgaria in General Medicine (SOIBOM) was the first in 2019 and focused mainly on the role of the family doctor in the overall care of cardiovascular patients, especially hypertension.

BestaMed’s mission is to provide access to modern therapy for patients whose bases are built into primary care. BestaMed has set itself the goal of being a partner of general practitioners and family doctors, with a view to reaching patients with high-quality medicinal products of proven origin and at competitive prices.

Special guests at the meeting were Dr. Ivan Madjarov – Chairman of the BMA Board and Dr. Ferdinando Petratsuoli – Deputy Chair of EGPRN (European General Practice Research Network). Dr. Petratsuoli handed over the EGPRN training certificates for researchers in general medicine, which takes place online with the support of the SOIBOM.

The meeting also presented the scientific projects that the association is currently working on – evaluating the applicability of the SCORE tables in the daily practice of Bulgarian family doctors, examining preferences for the use of NSAIDs in medical practice, translation and validation of the Bulgarian Working Alliance Inventory Short Revised (WAI-SR) – a tool for evaluating the doctor-patient relationship.

The Association of Trainers and Researchers in Bulgaria on General Medicine (SOIBOM) was founded by a group of general practitioners in March 2015. SOIBOM is a member of EGPRN and WONCA – the World Organization of Family Doctors. The aim of the association is to support the postgraduate training of general practitioners, to protect their interests, to promote the scientific achievements in the field and to support their implementation in everyday practice. In order to achieve these goals, SOIBOM organizes at least two scientific training meetings annually, attended by dozens of general practitioners. The chosen format of the training sessions in small groups of specialists allows a higher level of interaction between them, an opportunity to share problems and present effective solutions.

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