The company team commemorated the anniversary with a solemn religious dedication of BestaMed’s premises

The Bulgarian pharmaceutical company BestaMed has been celebrating seven years since its inception. For its first 7 BestaMed has proven to be a sustainable and reliable partner in the healthcare sector. The team of the company with a solemn dedication noted the achievements so far in the field of import, distribution and marketing of medicinal products, food supplements and medical devices in our country.

“The hard and dedicated work in the name of human health is our core motivation, which encourages us every day to continue to refine and strengthen our motto. And that is that BestaMed is a partner you can trust,” says Milena Ivanova – Manager of BestaMed. She emphasizes that since its inception, the company has stood for its cause and philosophy to ensure access to patient therapy and to build a sustainable business environment.

On the eve of its eighth year on the market, BestaMed’s leadership has stated its ambition for stable market development by implementing its long-term strategy to expand its portfolio of imported and under-branded pharmaceuticals, investments in innovative solutions and human capital. The company has been running a social responsibility program for seven years, planting trees all over the country. “BestaMed Forest” is getting bigger every year, so far our team has planted trees in 6 cities throughout Bulgaria”

– says Mrs. Ivanova.

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