Doctors from all specialties related to fetal and maternal health gathered in Borovets from May 18 to 21 with a focus on modern follow-up of multiple and complicated pregnancies, intrauterine surgery and innovations in the treatment of pregnancy complications.


The pharmaceutical company BestaMed supported the Seventh International Congress on Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The 3-day forum was held from May 18 to 12 at the Rila Hotel, Borovets, Bulgaria. The event brought together doctors from all areas of medicine dedicated to maternal and pediatric health, namely: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fetal Medicine, Neonatology, Surgery, Genetics, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Endocrinology, Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, etc. The congress is certified by the most prestigious school in the field – Fetal Medicine Foundation, London, whose head – the pioneer of fetal medicine in the world – Prof. Kypros Nicolaides had a special one-hour speech at the forum.
Highlights were first trimester pregnancy assessment protocols, dating and follow-up of twin and triplet pregnancies, fetal surgery, pediatric surgery and neonatology. The modern imaging studies of the fetal brain and the fetal heart, the interaction with specialists in cardiology, endocrinology, infections, etc. in cases of complicated pregnancy, genetics and its possibilities to meet challenges in prenatal counseling were also presented.

The program included sessions devoted to the diagnostic and clinical behavior of fetal defects in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, screening for chromosomal abnormalities and congenital structural defects, preterm birth and gestational diabetes, hypertensive complications, fetal diagnostics and treatment with intrauterine surgery and surgical interventions in the neonatal period, etc.
The Seventh International Congress on Maternal-Fetal Medicine scientific committee is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Petya Chaveeva, Prof. Dr. Hristo Shivachev and Dr. Maria Yankova, PhD. Among the prominent speakers were also the head of the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University of Heidelberg Prof. Tsvetomir Lukanov, Prof. Ranjit Akolekar from the British King’s College Hospital, Prof. María del Mar Gil from the University Hospital of Madrid, Dr. Walter Plasencia – Head of Fetal Medicine at Hospital Universitario Hospiten Rambla, Bellevue and Hospiten Sur in the Canary Islands, as well as the founders of the Association for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Petya Chaveeva, Dr. Maria Yankova, Dr. Violeta Stratieva and others.