Rosucard tabl.
20 mg x 30

Pharmaceutical form: 20 mg tablets

Active substance: rosuvastatin/rosuvastatin

Content of the active substance: 20 mg rosuvastatin/rosuvastatin



What is Rosucard tabl. 20 mg x 30 and what is it used for:

Rosucard belongs to a group of medicines called statins.

You have been prescribed Rosucard because:

  • you have high cholesterol levels. This means that there is a risk of heart attack or stroke. Rosucard is used in adults, adolescents and children 6 years of age or older to treat high cholesterol.

You have been advised to take statins because with a change in diet and increased physical activity you have not been able to correct your cholesterol level. You should continue your cholesterol-lowering diet and exercise while taking Rosucard or you have other factors that increase your risk of heart attack, stroke or related problems.

A heart attack, stroke or other problems can be caused by a disease called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is caused by the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries.

What Rosucard tabl. 20 mg x 30 looks like and what the package contains:

Rosucard 20 mg film-coated tablets are pink, film-coated, elliptical, biconvex tablets, approximately 11.1 mm in length and approximately 5.6 mm in width.

Package size

28,30, 84,90, 98,100 film-coated tablets.

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