Linex Baby drops
8 ml

Linex Baby is a children’s probiotic in the form of drops, which is recommended for the formation and maintenance of the balance of the intestinal microflora. Bifidobacteria, which support the proper functioning of digestive enzymes and improve immunity, are extremely important for the baby’s development.



Linex Baby is recommended when:

  • taking antibiotics
  • you need to balance the intestinal microflora
  • physiological rhythm of the intestine is needed

Ingredients: Bifidobacteria (BB-12), sucrose, maltodextrin, sodium ascorbate, sunflower oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 6 drops (daily dose) contain at least 1 x 109 live lyophilized lactic acid bacteria Bifidobacterium animalis, BB-12®.

How to use: Babies and children up to 12 years: take 6 drops once a day, preferably with food. Before use, shake well, hold under angle of 30 ° and drip 6 drops in a spoon or in milk / food once a day.