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Parallel Import brings better prices for medicinal products

Anton Manolev is a Quality Assurance Manager at the BestaMed that is specialized company in parallel distribution of medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements. He has a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. He has been working in the field of pharmacy since 2009. The reason for the conversation with Anton Manolev was a matter for the MP from the BSP, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Yordanov, on 2 March during the parliamentary oversight of the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev for the sale of a drug without registration in Bulgaria.

  • Mr. Manolev, can a drug that is not registered on the Bulgarian market to be offered to patients??
    – Every prescription drug is registered before it is traded in Bulgaria. Bulgarian legislation does not allow a drug that is not registered or withdrawn from the market to obtain a parallel import permit.
  • Is it possible to put a sticker with another name on the blister or pack of a drug?
    – Yes. This is regulated by legislation in Bulgaria and the EU Member States to adapt medicines from parallel import to any local market. All of them are subject to authorization by the Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA). It approves the secondary packaging, the leaflet in Bulgarian and the stickers that are placed.

You can read the whole interview in the Duma Daily article: Parallel Import brings better prices for medicinal products

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