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Systanehydratation eye drops 10 ml

Pharmaceutical form: 10 ml. eye drops

Active substance: polyethylene glycol 400, hydroxypropyl guar (sorbitol), aminomethylpropanol.

What is SYSTANE HYDRATION EYE DROPS and what is it used for:

  • SYSTANE HYDRATION hydrate the eyes and are medical device for therapy of dry eye.
  • The eye drops regenerate the harmed cells of the eye.
  • The drops have long -term relief of irritation and burning symptoms and restore the harmed tear layer.
  • This eye drops act as a “hydro-bandage”-attach tightly to the harmed epithelial cells of the eye cornea and maintain water where necessary.
  • Hydrating eye drops could be used as a lubricant for silicone and soft contact lenses.
  • Hydrating eye drops are proper for day and night use and maintain relief of the symptoms of moderate to severe dry eye condition.

How SYSTANE HYDRATION EYE DROPS looks like and what is the content of the pack: 10 ml.