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Pikopil 7,5 mg/ml

Pikopil 7,5 mg/ml oral drops, solution, Sodium picosulfate anhydrous, 15 ml

Pharmaceutical form: 7,5 mg/ml oral drops, solution

Active substance: Sodium picosulfate

Concentration of the active substance: sodium picosulfate. 1 ml. contains sodium picosulfate monohydrate, equivalent to 7,5 mg. sodium picosulfate, anhydrous (1 ml=15 drops).

What Pikopil is and what it is used for:

  • Pikopil contains an active substance called sodium picosulfate. Pikopil belongs to a group of medicines called laxatives.
  • Pikopil works by stimulating the bowel movements and by increasing the amount of water in the bowels.
  • Pikopil is used for short-term relief of prolonged or recurrent constipation. (difficulties in excretion).

How Pikopil looks like and what is the content of the pack:

  • Pikopil 7,5 mg/ml oral drops, solution is clear, colorless to yellowish liquid.
  • Pack sizes - 15 ml or 30 ml oral drops solution. Not all pack sizes could be marketed.