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Utrogestan 100 mg

Utrogestan 100 mg capsules, soft, progesterone

Pharmaceutical form: 100 mg capsules, soft progesterone,

Active substance: Each capsule, soft, Utrogestan contains: 100 mg. progesterone;

What is Utrogestan capsules 100 mg and what is it used for:

  • Utrogestan is indicated for treatment of symptoms which might be presented before the beginning of the menstrual cycle: breast pain or discomfort (mastodynia) , stomach bloating and /or swollen feet , “heavy feet” syndrome and/or, often mood changes, increased nervousness and irritation.
  • Utrogestan could be used by women with non-regular menstrual cycle who experience the above-mentioned symptoms.
  • Utrogestan is used for treatment of mastopathy.
  • Women, whose menstrual cycle is not regular for 1 year and more e.g. during menopause.
  • Utrogestan could be prescribed as an additional therapy for hormone replacement therapy with estrogen.
  • Utrogestan is indicated for treatment for infertility in women who due to hormone disorders cannot get pregnant or inability to continue the pregnancy to the end.

How Utrogestan capsules 100 mg. looks like and what is the content of the pack:

  • Pack size: one cardboard pack Utrogestan contains 2 blisters of 15 capsules each, soft.