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Bestaren - first medicinal product brand of BestaMed

BestaMed has created its first medicinal product brand Bestaren

Bestaren - first medicinal product brand of BestaMed

With the official launch of its own brand, BestaMed started a new and dynamic stage of market development


March 8, 2019

Bestaren® is the first own medicinal product brand of BestaMed - the specialized provider of integrated healthcare solutions and services. The new stage in his history and development BestaMed put on March 8, 2019, when the company launched on the market its first own medicine, Bestaren®.

"The sustainable development and our ambitions to offer our customers and partners a wider range of services and products to ensure access to quality healthcare is the reason to start building a portfolio under our brand," said Milena Ivanova , manager of BestaMed. She added that the product is the result of a successful partnership with a leading Spanish company CDMO.

The launch of the new product comes in the implementation of BestaMed's long-term development strategy, including a dynamic increase in the portfolio of proprietary, effective dosage forms and complete 360 ° marketing and commercial support for its own brands.