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Product origin and safety

Parallel importers apply internal supply chain control, including product verification and vendor verification, and are subject to rigorous external regulatory controls to ensure patient safety. The supply chain is sustainable both in terms of quality assurance and counterfeit drugs entry into the legal supply chain. BestaMed achieves that thanks to the following facts:

  • BestaMed and its contractual partners are subject to the same regulatory requirements as producers of original or generic products and are subject to regular control by the competent national and European regulatory authorities.
  • BestaMed purchases pharmaceutical prfoducts from exporters who are established and authorized wholesalers in the EEA.
  • All transactions are performed through the legally regulated and supervised drug supply chain, according to the GDP.

BestaMed is a reliable, responsible and professional partner in the healthcare system. At each stage of our business, we meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), ensuring that our contract partners follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Drugs and medical devices from parallel import have an additional guarantee of origin, quality and safety of the medicinal product


  • Parallel import drugs are original, high quality and safe, at a lower price, imported from countries of the European Economic Area.
  • Each parallel imported medicine is of guaranteed origin proven and verified not only by one but by two executive drug agencies - one in the country from which it is purchased and by BDA in Bulgaria which is issuing permission for this medicine after very strict verification procedure.


  • The presence of a sticker shows that very strict internal control of the supply chain has been applied, according to the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • The sticker is a sign that the medicine is from a batch that is certified for Bulgaria by a GMP-licensed manufacturing company (GMP)
  • The label on the primary packaging of the product is a mandatory attribute according to the regulations in Bulgaria. It not only does not break the primary packaging but also prevents the medicine from mechanical damage to the integrity of the packaging