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BestaMed and Naturum with their leading brands Oklys and Eskimo sponsored SANDANSKI CUP 2022 swimming competition, which took place on 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2022 in Sandanski. More than 500 children between 6 and 18 years of age took part in the contest. They are our future swimming champions, who ...

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12 May 2022
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BestaMed team planted 48 trees in the city of Panagyurishte on October 9, 2021 BestaMed forest continues to grow and this year it reached the town of Panagyurishte. For 9 consecutive years, the pharmaceutical company team afforest the country, choosing different cities each year in expression of th ...

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13 Oct 2021
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The prestigious prize is for technological innovation of OTC product and was presented to the team of BestaMed within the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days 2021 The latest medicinal product of BestaMed - Oklys® was selected as "Product of the Year" in the category "OTC medicinal product for technol ...

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28 Jun 2021
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Unique for the Bulgarian medicinal products market, Oklys® is the newest brand of BestaMed. Oklys® successfully helps in the fight against pain due to the formula, ibuprofen L-arginine. The innovative composition of Oklys® makes it the only one of its kind in Bulgaria, a painkiller ...

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02 Feb 2021
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November, 16, 2020  Sources: The Bulgarian Association for the Medicines Parallel Trade Development proposes extraordinary import of medicines to be encouraged by law.  "With the growing number of new COVID-19 infections there are more and more ...

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17 Nov 2020
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170 trees were planted by BestaMed team in Sandansky on October, 10th, 2020  For 8 consecutive years, the team of BestaMed planted a new forest, and this year the choice of the pharmaceutical company is the town of Sandanski - one of the most affected regions of wood smuggling in the recent y ...

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22 Oct 2020
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1020 packs of hydroxychloroquine 100 mg x 100 tablets provided BestaMed to the Ministry of Health to support the fight against coronavirus nationwide. The decision for the donation was made in the expression of full support to the activities of the state, health authorities and the National Operati ...

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27 May 2020
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Non-export bans, green lines and solidarity between EU countries guarantee access to medicines 82 alerts were submitted from March 13 to April 27, 2020 by patients on the online platform for medicines' lack and shortages. With them, the total number has increased to 922 since the system started fun ...

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28 Apr 2020
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The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Wednesday urged European Union states to lift export bans on medicines to avoid causing shortages in the bloc as it tackles the coronavirus crisis. Half of EU states have designated long lists of drugs that cannot be exported during the ...

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14 Apr 2020
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Suspended imports are the cause of the lack of a cure for breast cancer with the active ingredient tamoxifen 10 mg. The first signal on the BAMPTD platform was received on 12 February 2020 by a journalist. At this point in the pharmacy network there are still single packs, but on the next day the me ...

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06 Mar 2020
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Encouraging the import of medicines will ensure patient access, BAMPTD stated during the 2019 Capital Innovation Almanac of Healthcare Innovation Conference The first platform for drug shortage signaling in Bulgaria was presented by Boryana Marinkova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association ...

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25 Feb 2020
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Parallel distribution is part of the solution Among the factors for the shortage of medicines is that Bulgaria is a small non-attractive market for import of medicines for the big companies. Medicines often become de-registered and leave our country. Boryana Marinkova, executive director of the Bul ...

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23 Feb 2020
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The statement of the parallel distributors was announced in the Healthcare Committee in the Bulgarian Parliament   We bring to your attention the arguments of BAMPTD for changes in the Law on Medicinal Products in Human Medicine. We propose to regulate additional options for the import of me ...

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16 Feb 2020
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Dear Reader, As from today, the European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC) has changed its name to Affordable Medicines Europe. We hope you will appreciate this new name, which reflect more directly our industry’s raison d’être; to make medicines more affordable ...

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03 Feb 2020
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Business in Support of a Cause is the award that BAMPTD won at Federation Bulgarian Patient Forum organization’s annual ceremony Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Development of Drug Trade received two nominations for the annual awards of the Federatio ...

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17 Dec 2019
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Business in Support of a Cause and a Best Patient-Corresponding Institution are the two categories in which BAMPTD is to be considered for a prize winner by Federation Bulgarian Patient Forum organization Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel ...

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04 Dec 2019
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BAMPTD with first prize in the Patient Project category at the Second Awards Innovation in Healthcare, organized by Capital Weekly and Abbvie The Missing Medicines Search Platform, created by BAMPTD and FBPF in 2018, ranked 5th out of all 52 medical, patient and digital projects BAMPTD online plat ...

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16 Nov 2019
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110 trees were planted by BestaMed team in the old capital city For 7 years the team of the pharmaceutical company has been planting groves in different cities in Bulgaria. Following its mission of social responsibility, BestaMed carried out another afforestation project this time in Veliko Turnovo ...

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25 Oct 2019
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Parallel import is a possible solution for providing patients in case of shortage or absence of medicines. The most common reasons for drug shorages are marketing, manufacturing problems and dropping out of the manufacturer's nomenclature, BDA reports. On BAMPTD platform 640 signals were received, 6 ...

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04 Oct 2019
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The company team commemorated the anniversary with a solemn religious dedication of BestaMed’s premises The Bulgarian pharmaceutical company BestaMed has been celebrating seven years since its inception. For its first 7 BestaMed has proven to be a sustainable and reliable partner in ...

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15 Sep 2019
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The online plarform introduces one of the new effective pain treatment products - Bestaren®, A new online platform helps us cope with pain - one of the most common health problems worldwide. However, in order to effectively control and overcome the pain, it is necessary to det ...

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09 Aug 2019
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BAMPTD participated with a lecture at the Annual Conference of the Federation of Bulgarian Patient Forum in SandanskiPatient training on Parallel Distribution and the possibilities of Parallel Imports to provide access to therapy at the Annual Conference of the Federation of Bulgarian Patient Forum. ...

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19 Jun 2019
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The company fulfills its mission of providing patients with modern and affordable therapy BestaMed supported the Tenth Scientific Meeting of the Association of Trainers and Researchers in Bulgaria on General Medicine (SOIBOM) “Patient’s Road to Cardiovascular Disease – Diagnostic, ...

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13 Apr 2019
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Parallel imports of medicines is an effective solution in case of shortage of the national market – it is the solution for 62% of the cases of missing medicines, said Boryana Marinkova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development at the Conference & ...

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26 Mar 2019
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BAMPTD participated in a working seminar with patients on “Parallel Distribution” in Pamporovo, organized by the Federationf Bulgarian Patient Forum. How parallel imports can provide deficiency drugs and what are the myths about parallel exports were the main topics that were discussed ...

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20 Mar 2019
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1512 medicines have been withdrawn from the Bulgarian market for the last 4 years, said Boryana Marinkova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development. This was made clear at a workshop in Pamporovo of the Bulgarian Patient Forum Federation and BAMPTD. O ...

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19 Mar 2019
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They are stopped by the expensive registration mode and in 2017 alone they are 15% more than new ones. In just 4 years - from 2014 to 2018, 1512 drugs have been withdrawn from the Bulgarian market, BDA report shows. Of these, 327 are no longer available in the country, with no drug being withdr ...

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19 Mar 2019
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Picopil is a new medcinal product in the expanding portfolio of Bestamed March 10, 2019 BestaMed has officially marketed the Picopil medicinal product on March 10, 2019. Picopil is another proof of the implementation of BestaMed's long-term development strategy for dynamically increasing the ...

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10 Mar 2019
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With the official launch of its own brand, BestaMed started a new and dynamic stage of market development   March 8, 2019 Bestaren® is the first own medicinal product brand of BestaMed - the specialized provider of integrated healthcare solutions and services. The new stage in his h ...

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08 Mar 2019
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BestaMed's experience was presented as a member of BAMPTD in media training on the forthcoming introduction of the largest public-private project in the EU The role of parallel distributors in the verification process is very important and is in favor of patients. This was announced by Hristofor Iv ...

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24 Jan 2019
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Source: Capital weekly Author: Desislava Nikolova January, 11, 2019 A total of 1512 medicines are deregistered by their manufacturers and are no longer sold in Bulgaria between 2014 and 2017, according to data from the Bulgarian Drug Agency. The number is impressive in the context of the total nu ...

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16 Jan 2019
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Three proposals in the Law on Medicinal Products for Human Medicine and for amending the Ordinance on Regulation and Registration of Medicines Prices were submitted by the Bulgarian Association for the Medicines Parallel Trade Development of  (BAMPTD) to the Ministry of Health and the National ...

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10 Jan 2019
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In parallel distribution drug verification has the highest degree of guarantee of origin of medicines, due to the fact they undergo a double check to authenticate them. In the case of parallel imports and exports, the safety of the patients is guaranteed to the maximum, because they also determine ...

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27 Dec 2018
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BestaMed’s future is bright, as it professionally implements an extremely complex technological process   Derek Colman Irish Medicines Verification Organization Board Member Managing Director Quick Pharm Solutions   Derek is currently the Managing Director of Qui ...

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25 Nov 2018
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The shortage of medicines in Bulgaria is due to the lack of import and withdrawal of medicines from the Bulgarian market   Capital Health, November 23rd, 2018 Shortage of medicines is a global problem and a hot topic in the European Union. Its causes are multifactorial and exports are not am ...

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25 Nov 2018
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We aim to be the partner with the highest trust in medicinal products and medical devices from parallel distribution in Bulgaria   Capital Health, November 23, 2018     Milena IvanovaBestaMed Ltd. Manager BestaMed is a marketing authorization holder from parallel import of m ...

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25 Nov 2018
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More than 250 drug deficiency signals are submitted to a dedicated Internet platform. It was createdby the BAMPTD and its purpose is to help people find medicines that are missing in pharmacies.According to the creators of the drug deficiency drug platform in similar situations, medicines can beobta ...

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20 Nov 2018
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That was stated at the Drug Regulation Course 2018, organized by the Bulgarian Association for Drug Information The possibilities of parallel import to be a solution in the case of drug shortages and a sustainable partner in the drug supply chain were emphasized by Anton Manolev, Quality Assurance ...

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31 Oct 2018
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BestaMed is ranked 4th by credit rating from pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria, consolidating it as the company with the highest trust and reputation in the sector ICAP Bulgaria Analysis awards 14th place to BestaMed in top 20 leading companies in the sector BestaMed is ranked 4th in Bulgaria b ...

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30 Oct 2018
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Sixth consecutive year the pharmaceutical company team plants a forest to fulfill its mission of social responsibility. 65 deciduous and coniferous trees planted the team of the pharmaceutical company BestaMed in Plovdiv on October 13, 2018. The initiative is part of the project "BestaMed Fore ...

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17 Oct 2018
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Data was provided by the European Association of Euro-pharmaceutical Companies at BAMPTD Round Table on "EncouragingParallel Imports of Drugs in Bulgaria", which took place in Sofia at 18th of September Parallel imports create competition on the drug market with a price eff ...

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22 Sep 2018
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Drugs import is the solution for 53% of the shortage reports shows the first interim BAMPTD Internet platform results The initiative was announced on 9th of June in execution of the cooperation between BAMPTD and the Bulgarian Patients Forum Federation 182 signals from the whole country were recei ...

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10 Sep 2018
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EU-wide task force publishes work programme 2019/20 and prepares multi-stakeholder workshop The task force set up by European Union (EU) regulators to better address potential problems with medicines’ supply and to avoid shortages published today its work programme for the coming two years. I ...

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10 Sep 2018
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BestaMed was appreciated with excellent results by the Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organisation during the on-site test on August 24, 2018. One of the first functioning systems for the verification of medicinal products in the wholesale trade has passed a successful pilot testing. This is ...

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31 Aug 2018
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Parallel distribution (PD) of medicinal products in the European Community has over 40 years of history. Initially, its direction was from Southern Europe to the countries of Northern Europe, but over the past 15 years PD has been the cause of intense and balanced trade in the European Economic Area ...

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01 Aug 2018
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Building off lessons learned from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thursday it has committed to taking new steps to address the root cause of drug shortages, writes. Allowing temporary importation of ...

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01 Aug 2018
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  Profile: Boryana Marinkova       CEO of BAMPTD Boryana Marinkova is the CEO of the Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development (BAMPTD). Marinkova is responsible for the implementation of the BAMPTD goals, which are to ensure the access of Bul ...

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01 Aug 2018
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Anton Manolev is a Quality Assurance Manager at the BestaMed that is specialized company in parallel distribution of medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements. He has a Master's degree from the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. He has been working in the field of pharmacy ...

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01 Aug 2018
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The first online missing-drug warning platform was presented to patients at the 7th Federation of Bulgarian Patients' Forum Conference. It was created by the Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development of (BAMPTD) and is now available 24 hours a day. Its demonstration was part of ...

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01 Aug 2018
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"Besta Med" Ltd. has signed a distribution contract for the products Ice Power from the Finnish company Fysioline Oy, Pharma for the territory of Bulgaria. Ice Power - Rapid relief of pain:In the muscles - quickly and efficiently relieves pain and inflammationIn the joints - quickly relieves differ ...

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01 Aug 2018
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