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Our mission

BestaMed is created with the sole purpose to provide solutions and services to companies operating in the pharmacy channel. We are a fast progressing supplier of parallel imported pharmaceuticals, we  distribute medical devices and food supplements.

Our mission is to deliver people and society more health care at a lower cost in order to make the healthcare more accessible.

We are achieving this on our own by strengthening the long-term business relations and by establishing partnerships in the fields of development, product supply and marketing.

Our mission is also based on the cause of achieving and maintaining transparency about the information we collect about you, how this information is used and shares your rights regarding your personal data.


We inform you that by entering, registering and / or using the website and our services you make a legally binding agreement (even when you use our services on behalf of a legal entity).

  1. a) When you use the services at, you make a legally binding agreement with BestaMed;
  2. b) This AGREEMENT includes Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and other terms that you will see when you first use certain features in BestaMed. New features can be added by BestaMed periodically. In the event that you disagree with this AGREEMENT, do not access, register, use the website or our services;
  3. c) This AGREEMENT applies both to registered users of our services referred to as USERS and to unregistered users referred to as VISITORS. The term USER applies to both USERS and VISITORS categories;
  4. d) To use the services of Bestamed, you agree that you have reached the minimum age as defined by your local law. The services of the website should not be used by persons under 14 years of age.

By registering on BestaMed's website, users expressly consent to the collection of personal information about them and its use by Bestamed within these General Terms and Conditions and our separate Privacy Policy, which you should read carefully.

For more details on our Privacy Policy, please see the following link .

Bestamed will take all reasonable and reasonable steps to protect the privacy of its users.

By using BestaMed's website, you agree to the use of cookies in your browser. More information about cookies can be found in item 4.


Cookies are small text files that are stored by your hard drive browser on your computer. The cookies used by BestaMed do not store any personal data.

For more details on cookies, please see our: Cookies Policy.


5.1 You as a user on the website

These rights and obligations apply to all users on the BestaMed website.

(a) To become a user of BestaMed's website, we will require you to fill out a registration application that will provide Bestamed with your personal details and you will have to agree to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Privacy Policy. cookies. Additional information may be required if you register as a legal entity.

  1. b) You should not create anybody else's account or use it without permission.
  2. c) If BestaMed disables your account, you will not create another without our permission.
  3. d) You should not share your password or do other actions that could endanger your account security.
  4. e) You should not transfer your account (including the Page) to anyone else without our prior written permission.
  5. f) If you choose a name or similar identifier for your account or page, BestaMed reserves the right to remove or remove it if it deems them inappropriate (such as when a trademark owner filed a complaint about a username that is not closely related to the real user name).
  6. g) You agree to use BestaMed's website in a respectful manner and not to post any offensive or misleading content.
  7. h) You are required to comply with all applicable professional conduct policies when using BestaMed's website and its services.
  8. i) You should not send spam or other unsolicited messages to others.
  9. j) You must not perform any acts that are unlawful, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or reprehensible.
  10. k) You must not post unsolicited or unauthorized advertising. You should not send junk mail, spam, chain letters / messages, pyramid schemes or other similar actions not authorized by BestaMed.
  11. l) You agree that Bestamed reserves the right to transfer its rights and obligations to consumers in whole or in part to a third party.

You may terminate this AGREEMENT at any time by complying with paragraph 9 Termination of this Agreement.

You are responsible and liable for any information, content and actions relating to your personal data and registration.

Registrations pass a verification procedure from BestaMed. BestaMed can not guarantee the identity of everyone using our services. You are responsible for damages caused if you use a registration and an account without you being entitled to do so.

If you suspect someone is trying to compromise your personal data, you must immediately notify Bestamed.


5.2 Notifications, system messages and advertising

Ads play a major role in maintaining and providing Bestamed services.

To control what messages you receive from BestaMed on your email, please review your account settings.


5.3. Messaging and sharing

BestaMed's services allow you to send messages and share information through content and messaging. Information and content shared by you, if they are public, can also be viewed by visitors to the website. Please note that some services are confidential by default and can only be viewed by those for whom they are intended.

BestaMed's website is not required to publish any information or content and may remove such at its sole discretion, with or without notice.


5.4. Preservation of BestaMed's website and consumer information

BestaMed's team strives to keep the website safe but can not guarantee it. We ask you to cooperate according to your ability to preserve its security.

  1. a) You must strive to keep your account safe: (1) Choose a secure and difficult password (minimum 6 digits, preferably a combination of numbers and letters); (2) keep your password; (3) report any doubt that someone is trying or having accessed your account; (4) report any doubt that someone is trying or threatening the security of BestaMed's website.
  2. b) You should not collect any user content or information or otherwise access the BestaMed's website through automated means.
  3. c) You should not make illegal marketing on the BestaMed website.
  4. d) You should not post information that contains software viruses or other malicious code.
  5. e) You should not attempt to collect registration information or access an account that belongs to another person.
  6. f) You must not harass, insult or harm other users.
  7. g) You should not use BestaMed's website for illegal, misleading, damaging or discriminatory purposes.
  8. h) You should not take any action that may cause you to stop, overload or interfere with the normal operation or interface of BestaMed's website.
  9. i) You should not perform activities that simulate the appearance and functionality of the website, as well as those related to pharmining and mirroring techniques that allow you to redirect to fake and infected sites.
  10. j) You should not: (1) assert or imply or that you represent the BestaMed website; (2) renting, leasing, borrowing, trading, selling access to the website or related data; (3) you derive a benefit from the services of BestaMed or any other function on the website without the express consent of BestaMed.
  11. k) You should not use deep-link to our services without the express consent of BestaMed for any purpose other than to promote BestaMed's website.
  12. l) We will not support or encourage any breach of this AGREEMENT or our policies.


5.5. Protection of the rights of other users

Users are obliged to respect and protect the rights of other users on the BestaMed's website:

  1. a) You must not post content or take any other action on Bestamed's website that affects or violates foreign rights or otherwise violates the law.
  2. b) You must not copy or use any information, content or data to other users available on the Bestamed website unless you have explicitly agreed to this.
  3. c) You must not remove any notices of copyright, trademarks or other proprietary rights contained in the content on BestaMed's website.
  4. d) You must not disclose any information that you do not have the right to disclose, infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of BestaMed or other natural or legal persons without their express consent.


5.6. Intellectual property rights

BestaMed retains all intellectual property rights on the website (including logo and other trademarks, service marks, designs or trademarks, technical or intellectual know-how):

  1. a) You should not use BestaMed's trademark or trade or other similar trademarks that may lead to confusion unless you have the express written consent of Bestamed.
  2. b) You should not copy or use information, content or data on BestaMed's website unless you have the prior written consent of BestaMed.
  3. c) You should not copy, modify or create derivative versions of the BestaMed's website, its services, or any other related technology unless you have the express written consent of BestaMed.
  4. d) You should not apply engineering methods, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or otherwise attempt to retrieve the source code of the website or other related technology or parts thereof.
  5. e) You should not remove any notices of copyright, trademarks or other proprietary rights contained on or on the BestaMed's website or its content.

6.1. Sharing content on the BestaMed website

As a user of BestaMed's website, you own the content and information you post to it and control who sees your content using your account settings. You provide BestaMed with a non-exclusive, worldwide, sublicensable, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process information and content you have provided through the BestaMed website without the need for additional consent, / or compensation for you or others. These rights are limited as follows:

  1. a) You may terminate this license for certain content by requesting deletion of the relevant content from BestaMed's website by a written request sent to
  2. b) BestaMed will not include your content in third-party products and services (including sponsored content) to other third parties without your explicit consent. BestaMed has the right to display ads near your content and information without compensation to you or others.
  3. c) Bestamed will ask for your consent if it intends to allow others to post your content outside the website. Other users can access your content and information and share them on the Bestamed website.
  4. d) BestaMed can edit and modify the format of your content (such as by translating, modifying the size, layout or type of file or removing metadata) but will not change the meaning of your information.

In order to retain relevant content for users on BestaMed's website and in accordance with the applicable law, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. a) BestaMed may access, store and use any information you provide in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the Cookie Policy.
  2. b) BestaMed is a provider of healthcare services and solutions and its content should be related to Health and Healthcare.
  3. c) The content or information provided must not violate the law or any rights (including intellectual property rights or contract).
  4. d) The applicable law may prevent the advertising of prescription medicines to the general public. You agree that if you publish content or information about prescription drugs, they will only be directed to medical professionals. In case you are not sure whether the content or information is for prescription drugs, you can contact a BestaMed Administrator. You can also consult what is considered an ad or how to target your content correctly.
  5. e) You declare that your information is correct. BestaMed may be required by law to restrict and / or remove certain information or content from the Website.
  6. f) When submitting offers or giving feedback to BestaMed about its Services, you agree that Bestamed may use and share (but not be obligated) for any purpose without compensation for you.


6.2. Other content

By using BestaMed's website, you may find content or information that may be inaccurate, incomplete, delayed, misleading, illegal, offensive or harmful. In general, BestaMed does not review the content provided by its users. You agree that BestaMed is not responsible for the content and information of third parties (including users) or for any damages and lost profits that result from their use or reliance on them.


6.3. Limitations

BestaMed has the right to change, suspend or terminate any service. BestaMed is not obliged to store, maintain or provide a copy of any content or information that users have posted except in cases expressly provided for by law.

BestaMed reserves the right to restrict the use of the website, including the number of user contacts and the ability to connect with other users.

BestaMed reserves the right to temporarily suspend, discontinue or terminate a profile in case of suspected violation of this AGREEMENT.

BestaMed's website contains information in the healthcare field but does not provide medical advice. For any health problems, seek medical advice from a certified medical practitioner under the applicable law.


We strive to maintain the proper functioning, viruses and safety of the BestaMed's website, but you use it at your own risk. We provide the BestaMed website as it is, without any express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. We do not guarantee that the Westamed website will always be safe, secure and error-free, or will always function without interruptions, delays or problems. BestaMed Ltd. is not responsible for any third party actions, content, information or data, and you release us, our directors, officers, employees and agents from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising from or in any way related with any claim you have against such third parties.

To the extent permitted by law (and unless Vesamed has concluded a WRITTEN AGREEMENT which has priority over THIS AGREEMENT), Bestamed (and those with which BestaMed cooperates to provide the services) will not be liable to you or any other for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or income related to the services (such as offensive or defamatory statements, time of stay or loss, use or alteration of your information content and content). The applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages so that the above limitation or exclusion may not be applicable to you.

  1. Changes

We may periodically update / update these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. In the event that we make any changes, we will notify you through our services and / or other means to enable you to review the changes before they enter into force. If you continue to use our services after the notice period has expired and the changes have taken effect, this will mean that you have agreed to the amended / updated General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. If you disagree with these changes, you should stop using the website and terminate your user in accordance with paragraph 9 Termination.


9.1. Termination by user

You may terminate this AGREEMENT at any time by simply stopping using our services and / or closing your account by sending an email to Upon termination, you lose the right to access or use the website as a user.

9.2. Termination by BestaMed

Bestamed may terminate this AGREEMENT by sending an email to you in the following cases:

  1. a) If BestaMed ceases to operate the website.
  2. b) In the event that BestaMed believes that providing false information or that are below the minimum required to use website age, or that you register for access to areas of the page that you do not have the necessary certification required.
  3. c) If BestaMed believes you are violating your obligations as a consumer.
  4. d) If BestaMed believes you are violating the rights of others or jeopardizing the security of Bestamed's website or other individuals.
  5. e) If you violate these terms and conditions in any other way.


9.3. Even after termination of the AGREEMENT, the following are remaining in force:

  1. a) BestaMed's rights to use and disclose feedback from users;
  2. b) The rights of other users to re-share the content and information posted by users who have ceased to participate on the website, limited to the scope of the already shared and copied prior to termination;
  3. c) Points 6.9 and 10 of this AGREEMENT;
  4. d) Any amounts owed by any party before termination shall remain payable also after termination.
  6. a) All provisions will be governed by Bulgarian law, regardless of conflict of laws norms.
  7. b) Any dispute relating to these terms and conditions shall be resolved by mutual consent and permitted under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  8. c) In the event of any claim against Bestamed relating to user actions, content or information on the Bestamed website uploaded by users, the consumer will indemnify Bestamed for any damages, losses and costs of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such claim.
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