Ventolin syrup
2 mg / 5ml 150 ml

Pharmaceutical form: 2 mg/ 5 ml syrup

Active substance: Salbutamol

Concentration of the active substance: 2 mg/5 ml syrup salbutamol



What is Ventolin syrup 2 mg / 5ml 150 ml and what is it used for?

Ventolin syrup contains active substance salbutamol, which belongs to the group of medicines called short-acting bronchodilators. Fast acting bronchodilators relaxes the muscles of the walls of small airways in the lungs in the timeframe of several minutes, which causes their dilatation. In this way relieves chest tightness, wheezes and cough which leaves to relief in breathing. The duration of the effect of salbutamol in most patients is 4 to 6 hours.

How Ventolin syrup 2 mg / 5ml 150 ml looks and what is the content of the pack?

Ventolin syrup is an oral solution (sugar-free syrup) with orange aroma. One pack of Ventolin Syrup contains 150 ml. syrup in dark glass bottle and plastic measuring spoon, measuring 2,5 ml and 5 ml.