Aflamil sachet
100 mg. x 20

Pharmaceutical form: 100 mg powder for oral suspension

Active substance: aceclofenac

Concentration of the active substance: 100 mg aceclofenac



What is Aflamil sachet 100 mg x 20 powder for oral suspension and what is it used for:

Aflamil is a pain killer and anti-inflammatory medicine, which belongs to the group of medicines called non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic active substances. It is prescribed for treatment of conditions with severe inflammation and pain such as back pain (lumbago), toothache, menstrual pain or joint pain.

How Aflamil sachet 100 mg x 20 powder for oral suspension looks and what is the content of  the pack?

Appearance of the substance: white or creamy white powder. Package: 3g powder for single dose paper  / A1/ LDPE sachet, 20 single dose sachets are packed in a folding carton.